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Video Production Company Melbourne Elite Media, freelance videographer Melbourne

Elite Media is an award-winning Melbourne Video Production Company, offering video production services to a wide range of industries Australia-wide and overseas.

We are a boutique video agency producing big production results with the personalised service of a family-run business. Our directors are hands-on in every production we create.

For you, this means peace of mind that someone with decades of experience will be working on your video project each step of the way. 

Over the years we’ve had extensive experience in delivering thousands of bespoke & dynamic video projects for hundreds of clients across all sectors.

We bring the gear, the ideas, and the know-how to make your project a success. 

The result? 

Less headaches, and more creative content for your business that makes an impact and delivers results. 

That’s what makes us one of the best video production companies in Melbourne.

For extra peace of mind, all of our video production team members have current police checks and working with children’s checks.

Some of the industries we
produce video CONTENT for include:

Animal & Veterinary Video Production

Sports Video Production

Tourism, Hotel & Resort Video Production

Hospitality Video Production

Education Institution & School Video Production

Demolition & Construction Video Production

Other industries include Advertising, Health & Wellness, Government, Finance, Real Estate & Development, Retail, B2B, Products & FMCG, Professional Services & Technology.




Video Production can feel overwhelming, and you may not know where to start.  

You may not feel that you have the time to commit to planning video content for your business. 

At Elite Media, we are here to make things easy for you. 

We have a tried and tested process to identify the key messages to convey in your videos. 

Our creative team then work to best translate your information into an engaging, insightful, effective video content.


Get in touch

Reach out by filling in a contact form or giving us a buzz, and share your video idea with us.


The Plan

We'll get to work on the creative, developing the best solution for you that works with your budget and goals. Depending on the scope of your video project we will also source talent and locations, liaise with key parties, and other administrative tasks to keep your workload light.


Production Time

Time to film! Relax knowing that your on-site video production team has a minimum 10 years experience in the industry.


Edit & Delivery

Once your video edit is complete, it is sent to your team for approval. Prepare to see everything we've planned for before filming come to life through video. Once approved, your video project is exported in the formats you need to share with the world!


We take the stress out of video production

From concept to completion, we take the headache out of producing quality video content with the tools we’ve
developed from over a decade in business. 


✔ Offsite and onsite production management

✔ Concept development

✔ Assistance in script development (as required)

✔ Shot listing and planning 

✔ Sourcing talent as required, including auditioning, shortlisting, hire and management

✔ Hiring of additional external suppliers as needed – such as stylists, hair and make up (artists, and photographers

✔ Scheduling 

✔ Prop sourcing (as needed)


✔ Lighting

✔ Sound capture

✔ Filming with experienced senior team

✔ On site production and talent management

✔ Direction

✔ Optional drone videography with CASA certified pilot

✔Team are all police checked and have their Working With Children’s cards. 



✔ Wrangling, organisation and review of footage

✔Edit of footage

✔Sound and colour correction

✔Animation, effects and graphics

✔Proofing and quality control

✔Translation of video into multiple formats as required

✔Captioning in multiple languages available  

✔Approvals and delivery 


Showcase your business, location or event with stunning drone videography captured by fully licensed & insured team

Elite Media’s drone videographers are CASA certified and fully insured, meaning we can fly without the restrictions of other flyers. We are fully trained with up-to-date safety practices for responsible drone flying. Our drone pilots are often referred to as some of the best in the industry for capturing drone videography.

drone video production Melbourne elite media

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How much does video production cost?

The cost of a video production is dependent on the scope of the project. For example, a 60-second video may cost as little as $1000, or as much as $50,000 or more. 

Some factors that contribute to the cost of a video production include:

  • How much pre-production is required for the video production. For example, filming a conference or event requires a relatively small amount of planning for the video production team, whereas a television commercial or web video series may require hours of shot-listing, storyboarding and scheduling with various parties.
  • The amount of footage that is required to be captured 
  • The number of locations that need to be captured, and the relative position of these locations to each other
  • The number of professional talent involved in the video production, and the level of work required from each
  • How technical the post-production requirements are. Elements such as animation and graphics can add significant amounts of time to the post-production stage. If the video involves condensing a large amount of footage into a small video, this also takes considerable time as the editors must carefully review the footage to select the best takes / moments to include in the final edit. 

To best way to gain an understanding of what your video production project will cost is to chat with some video production companies about your idea and to get some quotes. If you have a reference or two that you can share even better. 

Do you offer retainer options for ongoing video production work?

At Elite Media, we hope that you come to consider us a vital cog of your marketing team. 

Many of our clients are long-term and engage us regularly to keep their video marketing fresh and industry-leading. 

As such, we do have retainer and package options available to meet your needs.

Reach out to us to find out more. 

How quickly can I expect to receive my video/s?

Getting corporate video production for your business or event is exciting, and you undoubtedly want to have your videos back as soon as possible to share with the world. 

Turnaround times vary based on the project. There are some video productions that require very fast turnarounds - for example, event or conference highlight videos and reels. In this case, same-day or next-day turnarounds may be provided depending on your needs.

Other video productions require a longer turnaround - for example, longer-form content such as training and induction videos may have a 6-8 week turnaround time.

That being said, if you have a deadline that you are working to let us know and we will do our best to accomodate! 

What are the three stages of video production?

There are three stages to any type of video production. 

The first stage is pre-production. This is where a quality video production company will spend a lot of their time, carefully planning your video production project so that everything runs smoothly during production and post-production. A lot of the pre-production work happens behind the scenes. Shots are planned, talent & locations are organised and schedules are created.  If the pre-production stage has been completed correctly, you should be entering the production stage confident with what is going to be captured on film day. 

The second stage of video production is the production stage - the filming and audio capture. This is where all the planning in the pre-production stage is put to good use. 


The third stage of video production is the post-production stage. Post-production involves putting together all the footage and audio captured during the production stage, polishing them, and creating a creative, compelling video. 


How do I choose the right video production company for my business or project?

When selecting the best video production company for your business, make sure that you review samples of their work. 

They may not have an example that is specific to your industry, and that is ok. What you want to be looking for is a video that feels polished and professional, has good audio, and communicates a clear message. 

Find a few companies that produce videos that speak to you, and speak to them about your ideas to get an indication of pricing. You do not need to have an in-depth brief, a simple overview is fine. Having a few reference videos on hand that you like is always helpful here. 

Take some time to learn about their process and how they operate. How many team members are they planning on having on-site? What is their experience? Do you have a dedicated Production Manager who will oversee your project from start to finish? The examples they share with you - have they been completed by the team members who will be working on your project? These factors can influence your video production experience and the quality of your end product. 

At the end of the day, choose the company you feel comfortable with to deliver your project in line with your vision and budget.