Bespoke Property Films

Video is the #1 marketing tool for business. This is due to video’s ability to engage, educate and create an emotional connection. In real estate, homes with videos have been found to attract a greater number of buyers and sellers. Real estate videos boost listings and create a higher number of leads than listings without video. This is why it is so crucial that prestige and luxury listings use a customised and bespoke approach.

Not selling high end property listings? Have a look at our real estate videos for properties in all price brackets.

Create a deep connection with buyers with a Bespoke Property Film.

When selling your high end real estate listing, you need to build a unique marketing approach.  Our Bespoke Property Films are carefully created to form strong emotional connections with your target buyers. This involves a process in which we explore the story that lies within the home, and the lifestyle that can be enjoying living there. This careful concept creation lifts value perceptions of your home far beyond what photos can achieve on their own.

Raise value perceptions of your real estate listing, your brand and the brand of your agency.

Our team has spent years creating high end and bespoke real estate videos. We create property films that tell the unique story of your home in a way the inspires and excites.

Some of the services we offer with Bespoke Property Films include:

  • Concept co-creation and direction
  • Sourcing of talent and props (as applicable)
  • Stunning drone videography
  • Script assistance
  • On-site filming
  • Editing
  • Colour correction and audio mixing
  • Use of stock footage
  • Music

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