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90% of shoppers say that their buying choices are swayed by online reviews. Many people value online reviews just as highly as personal recommendations. 74% of consumers say that are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video. Combining the influence of reviews with the power of video gives you Video Testimonials. Video Testimonials are one of the most valuable marketing tools you can have in your marketing strategy. 

A video testimonial lets your clients do the talking. Clients share their personal positive experience with your brand in their own words. This helps to increase perceptions of your company’s authenticity. Potential clients might also find that they identify with the problems your client has shared. 

We recommend that you have a minimum of 3, ideally between 5-6 testimonial videos on your page and social platforms. 

Click here to learn more about customer testimonial videos. 

Case Study Videos provide the chance to dive deeper by showing how you effectively managed a project or event. Case study videos usually include data conveying how you solved a client problem. They may also include a testimonial from your client or attendees of the event. 

Check out some of our example testimonial and case study videos below. 

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A Case Study Video we produced with ABCgroup to capture the results they were able to achieve for their insurance partner during an extreme weather event. 

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Clients of Real Estate Agent Mick Brace share their stories about his approach and the results he was able to achieve for them when selling their homes. 

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Clayton shares his experience about using the PainPod and how it has helped relieve his pain. 

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