Testimonial Video

Show customers that you are reliable and an expert in your field.

Today’s smart buyers are looking for reviews that show that you achieve the results that you promise. In fact, 90% of shoppers say that their buying choices are swayed by online reviews. Furthermore, 79% trust online reviews just as much as word of mouth from family or friends.

Reading a current client’s comments is not the same as seeing the look on that customer’s face in a video. Hearing a happy client talking about their personal experience with you leaves a good impression on new clients. It also builds trust by backing up claims you make about your business.

Video Testimonials are rated as the best form of content marketing. They are a strong tool that you can share on your website and other marketing platforms. These include using testimonial videos in social media, emails, ads, blogs and in print.

Our team will work with you so that filming your customer testimonial video is as relaxed as possible. We work to make sure that your client relationships are well kept (or even enhanced) while you work to build trust with new clients.

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