Showcase the scale of your project through video

The construction and demolition industries are highly visual – people want to see results – the before, the after, and major steps along the way. Construction video productions showcase these projects like nothing else can. Whether you are a large commercial building or demolition company, or you work as an independent tradesperson, video will drive interest in the service that you offer. 

A well produced construction video can build trust and provide peace of mind for stakeholders that you will deliver what you say you will deliver. In a high stakes industry like construction, this trust is key to you standing out from the competition and winning more tenders. 

At Elite Media, we offer high level video production services for companies within the construction and demolition industries. From on-location interviews to significant milestones or producing safety videos, our team is here to help. We have CASA certified and experienced drone pilots as part of our internal team that can capture your project safely. No matter where you are, there is no site too remote or project too distant for us to reach. We are available Australia wide and overseas to deliver video productions services, no matter where our customers are located. 

Demolition, Building & Construction Video Production Examples

What kind of video content can we capture FOR YOUR CONSTRUCTION OR DEMOLITION BUSINESS / PROJECT?

Brand Story & Company Overview Videos

Share the story of who you are as an organisation, what you do and why, and what makes you stand out against the rest

Culture Videos

Attract the best talent with Culture Videos that highlight what makes your workplace an industry leading place to work.

Drone Videography

Showcase the grandeur of a demolition or construction site with stunning aerial shots, all captured by our CASA certified pilots.

Stakeholder updates, AGMs and financial report videos

Keep key persons in the loop with the progress of your project with video. Add a personal component by speaking directly to them and show them up to date visuals of the site.

Community Engagement Videos

Build trust and excitement around an upcoming build with community engagement videos.

Groundbreaking Ceremonies

Breaking ground on a new project is a thrilling time for all involved. Capture a highlights video of the day to share with stakeholders.

Construction Case Study Videos

Construction Case Study Videos provide the chance to dive deeper by showing how you effectively managed a project.

Workplace Training Videos

Need consistent training for your team across multiple sites? Experience significant time and cost savings by rolling out workplace training videos across your sites.

Site Induction Videos

Ensure clear and consistent site and professional site inductions through video.


Elite Media is an award winning boutique video production agency, providing big production results with the personalised service of a family run business. Our directors are hands on in every production we create. For you, this means peace of mind that someone with years of experience will be working on your video project each step of the way.

Elite Media’s drone pilots are CASA certified and fully insured, meaning we can fly without the restrictions of other flyers. We are fully trained with up to date safety practices for responsibly drone flying. Our drone pilots are often referred to as some of the best in the industry.  

For extra peace of mind, all of our team have current police checks and working with children’s checks. 

Elite Media Video Production Company Melbourne - Company Culture Video


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✔ Offsite and onsite production management

✔ Concept development

✔ Assistance in script development (as required)

✔ Shot listing and planning 

✔ Sourcing talent as required, including auditioning, shortlisting, hire and management

✔ Hiring of additional external suppliers as needed – such as stylists, hair and make up (artists, and photographers

✔ Scheduling 

✔ Prop sourcing (as needed)


✔ Lighting

✔ Sound capture

✔ Filming with experienced senior team

✔ On site production and talent management

✔ Direction

✔ Optional drone videography with CASA certified pilot

✔Team are all police checked and have their Working With Children’s cards. 



✔ Wrangling, organisation and review of footage

✔Edit of footage

✔Sound and colour correction

✔Animation, effects and graphics

✔Proofing and quality control

✔Translation of video into multiple formats as required

✔Captioning in multiple languages available  

✔Approvals and delivery 

What will my DEMOLITION / CONSTRUCTION video production cost?

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  • Eg. Video communications with stakeholders throughout construction journey, capturing of a demolition, brand story.