Real Estate Agent Video Market Updates

Share knowledge.

What better way to share what you know with the community than through real estate agent video market updates?

According to, 79% of people looking for agents want to hear about your local knowledge and experience before choosing an agent to work with.

Through using real estate agent video market updates, you can:

  • Show off recent sales
  • Share your knowledge of the local area to your database and new vendors
  • Build trust through quarterly or monthly market updates
  • Establish yourself as a local area expert
  • Increase engagement of your database

Video market updates sent via email receive a 200-300% higher click through rate. Furthermore, they are more likely to be viewed in full, and have a higher chance of being remembered than an email market update with text only.

Be the expert in your local area.

  • Personalised intro and agent branding
  • Optional use of teleprompter
  • Show your stats with graphics
  • 1000s of hours of community stock footage
  • 100s of hours of music tracks to create the right feel for your film

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