Real Estate Videos

Video is rated the #1 content marketing tool for business. It’s ability to engage, educate, and make you laugh, smile and cry makes it hard to beat.

In the world of real estate, video attracts sellers and buyers, boosts listings, and creates a higher number of quality leads. This in turn results in a greater chance for a high selling price.

Real estate listings that include a video receive, on average, 403% more enquiries than those without. 73% of home owners say that they are more likely to list with an agent who uses video.

Filming on your phone or tablet is unlikely to make your video stand out for the right reasons. Do it yourself videos can often do more harm to your marketing efforts than good, as buyer’s attention is more likely to be focused on the shaky footage or dark lit rooms than your home’s features.

The bottom line is this: buying a house is emotional. People are looking for a place (and community) that they can see as their home, and high quality, professional real estate videos are crucial for creating this connection.

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Our team at Elite HD Media are truly passionate about creating powerful, polished real estate videos that attract prospects, sell homes, and help you achieve your marketing goals. We consistently uphold ourselves to the highest professional standards.

  • On time and on budget – delivered back to you in two business days.
  • Personalised agency/agent branding
  • 1000s of hours of community stock footage
  • 100s of hours of music tracks to create the right feel for your film
  • Optional use of teleprompter or relaxed interview approach

Want to create a real stir of excitement around your next listing? Book a Bespoke Property Film.

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  • Drone videography
    Want to see your video marketing reach new heights? Drone photos and film will make it happen. View some examples here.
  • Professional voice-over
    Add an extra level of professionalism. Include a professional voice-over in your property films from as little as $40.00. Choice of male or female. View an example.

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