Cinematic sport video productions capturing all the action of the main event.

Showcase your next major sporting event in all its glory through stunning video content captured by Elite Media’s Video Production team.

At Elite Media we are big sports fans. We are passionate about capturing your sporting event and a dynamic and compelling way, providing you will quality content that can be used for a range of purposes. Our team seamlessly adapt to suit the nature of your event and capture the footage you need. 

This includes working closely with you pre-event to make sure we have a full understanding of the schedule and must-have visuals. We will provide you with peace of mind that your event has been captured smoothy, with stunning high quality video and crystal clear audio.

And we will deliver your edited sport video production back to you fast! Because we know you want to keep your audience base engaged and buzzing post (or even during) the event, like we did when interviewing players for the Australian Open.  

Sport Video Examples

What kind of video content can we capture of your Major Sports Event?

Sport Event Highlights Video / Wrap Video

Showcase the best of your event with a Sport Event Highlights Video. This video captures the highlights of the day and shows everyone who wasn’t there what an awesome event it was. The action, the sponsors, the fan experience and the overall vibe of the sporting event will be felt through the Sports Event Highlights Video. A Sport Event Highlight Video is a powerful marketing tool that can then be used to pitch and promote the event and future events to fans and sponsors.  

Does your event go over multiple days? Consider daily wrap videos to keep fans engaged and up to date with all the action even if they may not be able to attend. 

Sport Event Promotional Video / Advertisement

If you are looking to promote your event and get people coming through the doors, then a promotional video or advertisement for your sporting event is the way to go. These videos are usually 60-90 seconds and build buzz and excitement around your event. Whether you need ads for TV, cinema, ticket agents or social media, we’ve got you covered!

Sport Event Social Video Reels

Short, sharp social videos that maintain hype throughout your event duration. These could include edits of interviews and Vox Pops with players and fans, featured videos on the activities and entertainment sporting event, and videos showcasing vendors and sponsors. All edited in vertical format – perfect to pop straight into your reels and stories.    

Interviews & Vox Pops
with attendees & players

Interviews & Vox Pops with the players of your sporting event makes for great watching. Fans love to know what players are thinking pre and post-event, and enjoy the opportunity to get to know players better. Interviews can be cut down into fun and engaging reels, as well as be shown in their entirety. 

Vox Pops with attendees help to capture the atmosphere of your event, and can be a valuable tool in obtaining feedback on the event live on site. 

Sponsor Featured Promotional Video

These videos promote the relationship between your sporting event and one of your key sponsors. For example, if all of your players are being hosted at a hotel, these videos may be interviews with the players about how they are enjoying the hotel’s accomodation. This content can then be shared on both your channel, and that of your sponsor, creating great exposure for both shareholders. 

Video News Release (VNR)

A video news release (or VNR) is essentially a press release in video form. It includes a selection of the best RAW footage of your sporting event with interviews with key people of interest that can be used by journalists to create a story. 

With newsrooms downsizing and fewer camera crews available to answer media calls, a VNR ensures that your event will be covered. A VNR safeguards you if a major news story breaks on the same day of your sporting event, which may cause the crews allocated to your event to be diverted. 

Why Elite Media?

Elite Media is an award winning boutique video production agency, providing big production results with the personalised service of a family run business. Our directors are hands on in every production we create. For you, this means peace of mind that someone with years of experience will be working on your video project each step of the way.

Elite Media’s drone pilots are CASA certified and fully insured, meaning we can fly without the restrictions of other flyers. We are fully trained with up to date safety practices for responsibly drone flying. Our drone pilots are often referred to as some of the best in the industry.  

For extra peace of mind, all of our team have current police checks and working with children’s checks. 

Elite Media Video Production Company Melbourne - Company Culture Video


Contact us for a quote for your next event


✔ Offsite and onsite production management

✔ Concept development

✔ Assistance in script development (as required)

✔ Shot listing and planning 

✔ Sourcing talent as required, including auditioning, shortlisting, hire and management

✔ Hiring of additional external suppliers as needed – such as stylists, hair and make up (artists, and photographers

✔ Scheduling 

✔ Prop sourcing (as needed)


✔ Lighting

✔ Sound capture

✔ Filming with experienced senior team

✔ On site production and talent management

✔ Direction

✔ Optional drone videography with CASA certified pilot

✔Team are all police checked and have their Working With Children’s cards. 



✔ Wrangling, organisation and review of footage

✔Edit of footage

✔Sound and colour correction

✔Animation, effects and graphics

✔Proofing and quality control

✔Translation of video into multiple formats as required

✔Captioning in multiple languages available  

✔Approvals and delivery 

What will my sports video production cost?

Each major sporting event is different and has its own set of unique needs for content. But as a guide, for a full day of filming and a 2-3 minute highlights video of the event, you’ll be looking at a starting investment of $6900.00 ex.  GST. 

To enquire about availability for your next major sporting event, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

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