Position your school or university as the institution of choice by partnering with Elite Media to produce your video content. 

At Elite Media, we have had years of experience producing high quality tailored video productions for schools, universities and educational institutions. Our team all have recent police checks, hold Victorian Working with Children cards, and abide by our Child Safe Policies and Commitments to Child Safety.


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✔ Offsite and onsite production management

✔ Concept development

✔ Script support and Q&A development

✔ Shot listing and planning 

✔ Sourcing talent as required, including auditioning, shortlisting, hire and management

✔ Hiring of additional external suppliers as needed – such as stylists, hair and make up (artists, and photographers

✔ Scheduling 

✔ Prop sourcing (as needed)


✔ Lighting

✔ Sound capture

✔ Filming with experienced senior team

✔ On site production and talent management

✔ Direction

✔ Optional drone videography with CASA certified pilot

✔Team are all police checked and have their Working With Children’s cards. 



✔ Wrangling, organisation and review of footage

✔Edit of footage

✔Sound and colour correction

✔Animation, effects and graphics

✔Proofing and quality control

✔Translation of video into multiple formats as required

✔Captioning in multiple languages available  

✔Approvals and delivery 

Examples of video productions for schools and educational institutions

School Enrolment Video / Profile Video – State Special School 

School Enrolment Video – State School 

Road Safety Video Series for Schools – Student Focused – State School 

Road Safety Video Series for Schools – Parent Focused – State School 

video productions for schools and educational institutions

What kind of video content can we capture for your SCHOOL, uNIVERSITY OR EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION?

Videos for educational institutions can be used for a wide range of purposes.

Video can increase awareness of your school and capture the interest and hearts of prospective students and parents to drive admissions. Strong video content helps schools to share important information in a consistent and clear way to the school community. Furthermore, it provides a platform to proudly showcase student successes and achievements.

Below are some of the ways that your educational institution can harness the power of video.

1) School Profile Video / School Brand Story

A School Profile Video or School Brand Story tells current and future members of your school community who you are as a school, your academic achievements and your values. Profile videos, Brand Story Videos or School Promotional Videos, help parents and students understand what your school is like. An effective School Profile Video helps to capture the hearts and imagination of prospective students and parents and help them to understand if your school is the right fit for them. 

A School Profile Videos is typically 2-7 minutes in length. Generally a School Profile Video involves a full day or couple of days filming at the school or institution. Elite Media’s School Profile Videos start at $11,500.00 inc. GST. 

To help you get started, read our post on creating an effective School Profile Video.

2) School Enrolment Video

An Enrolment Video, or a series of videos surrounding enrolment prepares students for joining your school community. School Enrolment Videos help settle any pre-school jitters by introducing the school’s leadership team. The video may answer frequently asked questions, and orientate parents and students to school rules. These could include pick up and drop off rules and procedures, uniform policy, technology and BYOD policies and behaviour policies. A well crafted video strategy around enrolment can speak to students at each touchpoint of the process and ensure that they remain engaged and that any queries they may have at that point are addressed.

Videos may also be tailored to welcome a particular group of students, eg. “Welcome to Prep” or “A day in the life of a Year 7 student”. These videos can help boost student confidence around starting at your institution and improve their overall experience. 

3) School Safety Videos

Before and after school pick up and drop off is a critical time of day for schools. It is important that parents, teachers and students work together during these times to minimise risk and ensure the safety of all students.

Road Safety Videos clearly communicate to parents and students the correct procedures during these times. Remember who your audience is. Many schools choose to have two sets of road safety videos produced – one speaking directly to parents, and the other directly to students. 

The visual nature of video helps remove any misunderstandings or uncertainty about correct locations that may occur if the instructions are provided only in print or verbal format. 

In other educational institutions, safety videos can be used in learning settings where specific rules apply. These may also help university students keep safe when on campus. 

4) Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are one of the most valuable forms of marketing currently available. Buyers say that 90% of their decisions are influenced by online reviews. And that 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much they would recommendations from friends and family. The same goes for schools. Prospective parents are more likely to connect with and trust other parents who have gone through the same decision making process that they are. Hearing other parents ease some of their concerns and confirm that the school practices what it preaches increases the chance that these parents will move only to the next stage of inquiry. 

5) End of Year Concert/School Musicals

A great way to show that the school takes pride in its students and the school community is to have your End of Year Concerts and School Musicals professionally filmed. Sell the video to fundraise for next year’s performance, or gift the video the participating families as a thank you and a keepsake to look back on in years to come. This is also a great way to ensure parents, guardians and grandparents who are unable to attend still feel included in the achievements of their loved ones. 

You can also use video to help build buzz and engagement around your school’s programs and activities, or to produce a highlights of students excelling in competitions and events. Not only will your school community appreciate the acknowledgement of student success, but these videos also serve to build anticipation and excitement for the next group fo students coming through. 

6) Graduation Videos

Graduations are an emotional time for all involved. A video keepsake of a graduation ceremony shows the outgoing members of the school community how much you have valued their time with you. It is something that parents and their children will look back on in years to come with joy and pride. Graduation videos consolidate feelings of goodwill toward the school. 

With our graduation and performance videos, productions are privately shared online or distributed on school servers based on school preference.

Why Elite Media?

Elite Media is an award winning boutique video production agency, providing big production results with the personalised service of a family run business. Our directors are hands on in every production we create. For you, this means peace of mind that someone with years of experience will be working on your video project each step of the way.

Elite Media’s drone pilots are CASA certified and fully insured, meaning we can fly without the restrictions of other flyers. We are fully trained with up to date safety practices for responsibly drone flying. Our drone pilots are often referred to as some of the best in the industry.  

For extra peace of mind, all of our team have current police checks and working with children’s checks. 

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Each school is different and has its own set of unique needs for content to be captured. An enrolment video has a completely different set of goals and requirements as a video compared to if you were getting a series of internal training videos done.  

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