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Connect to your community and offer your followers regular engaging content with a web video series.

Some types of web video series include:

  • Interviews
  • Docu-series, such as ‘A day in the life’ video series that follow a person or group of people as they go about their work/lives
  • Product reviews
  • Projects, such as renovations or builds
  • Informational or Education web series, where the series educates followers about a topic or series of topics What is a web video series?

Elite Media is a Melbourne based award winning Video Production Company that can provide full production services for your series. We partner with people and companies from any industry and are available to film nationwide. Our services include:

  • Assistance in concept development
  • Shot listing and planning
  • Talent, prop and location sourcing as required
  • Filming 
  • Post production services, including edit, colour correction, sound correction
  • Music licensing
  • Animation and text graphics 
  • Export of your video for use on your video host, social platform, blog, website etc. 

What is a web series?

A web series is a video production that has multiple instalments and that has been initially made to be released online. One of the appealing aspects of a web video production series is its singable quality – once you finish an episode, you can click next and go straight to the next one. Some web series eventually get picked up by television or streaming networks, but they started out in the online space.

Web series views generally have a consistent narrative, theme and characters/hosts. For businesses, web series can be a viable marketing tactic if its suits your brand and goals as a company. 

What are some things to consider when building a web series?

In order to successfully grow a web video series, you need to tell a story that is relatable or of public interest. If the content is engaging, you may grow a community of followers.

  • Have a clear idea of who your audience is, what they like, and what they want to see. Be clear on who your niche is and how to appeal to them.
  • Find the direction of your web series. Don’t begin filming without having plan for where your series will go. 


This plan may change over time, but it is important you have an idea before you get started. Is your series a one season thing? Or do you think it could go for five or six seasons? Some successful web series end up getting funding from YouTube or Vimeo to continue on for further seasons, so have a long term game plan in mind.

  • Have goals in terms of outcomes as well. What do you want to get out of the web series? Do you want to be known as a leader in your industry, are you seeking a community, or hoping for leads? It is also important to remember that a web series is a risk and that it is not likely you will experience success straight away, it is a long term game that involves growing followers over time. So keep this in mind to ensure you set reasonable goals.
  • Remember to budget for more than just the production of the series. There is more to producing a successful web series than the production side. You also need to make sure that you market your series. Typically, approximately a third of budget for TV shows and movies goes towards the marketing of that production. You should plan to spend accordingly. There is no point spending the money to produce a quality web series if nobody can find it and nobody knows about it.

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